Techmorich: Tech & Design Magazine

Design & Technology editorial service

Techmorich is authentic editorial service for the technology lovers and design enthusiasts. It was created to ignite the passion that designers lack these days and to inspire them to find their uniqueness. It is also the first Bengali tech magazine that actually encourages young and new talents to showcase their creativity and share their thoughts with the world.

Our Findings

After years of experience working in the industry, we felt that it lacked a proper editorial service that inspired designers in their work. We also did not have a proper Bengali tech magazine that had the latest happenings in the technology and design fields. Most of the magazine sites had tutorials to learn from but nothing to ignite their passion.

Our Solution

To set alight the creativity among the designers and to inspire them to find their uniqueness, we developed Techmorich – A tech and design magazine which was available in both web and mobile. Techmorich publishes latest articles on the latest occurrences in the tech and design world to keep us up to date and to help new entrepreneurs to gather the knowledge they need.

Techmorich has the following features :

  • Home/News feed where all the recent articles under each category is shown.
  • Articles under the following categories –
    • Technology
    • Science
    • Health & Medicine
    • User Experience
    • Art & Design
    • Business
    • Career

The site is an open site and anyone who has the link or downloads the mobile application can use it free of cost. The link for the Website and Play Store is given below.

Website –¬†Techmorich
Mobile App – Techmorich