Diploma in User Experience Design

A Comprehensive Design course

If you are thinking of making a career in User Experience Design, our UX Design Diploma is just what will help you. Diploma in User Experience Design (DUXD) is your roadmap to the world of research and designing of valuable products for the users. We used our extensive knowledge on User Experience and put it all together into a comprehensive syllabus that is designed to help you meet your career goals. Our UX Diploma course will build the basics of your design thinking process and get you prepped up for working in real jobs. The curriculum for the UX Design Diploma is divided into three parts as follows:

Part 1: Graphic & Visual Design

Design is an ever expanding field and one has to be accustomed to face the changes that occur from time to time. We believe that having a strong base plays an important role in coping with the changes. So we start by teaching the students the very basic fundamental of design, which is free-hand drawing. Once a student is able to sketch, we start with teaching them about colour and typography. They are taught colour theory, the principles of typography and their appropriate use in the context of solving design problems.

The of this part of your diploma is to teach you how to strike a balance between visual design and effective communication. Students are encouraged to question and carry out researches that will help them with the ideation process.

Part 2: User Experience & User Interface Design

User Interface Design is an important part of user experience as an interface lets the users to communicate with their favorite applications. In this part, students are taught the fundamentals of interaction design and their application while designing interfaces. From understanding user goals to complete prototype, from designing usable products to the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, this part of the UX Diploma will make you ready to solve real-world complex design problems.

In order to equip you with all the required skills of a UX Designer, students are taught Front-end development for the web. Front-end development for web – Includes planning, designing, building & testing of a fully functional website from start to finish.

Part 3: User Experience & Human-centered Design

This is the part where students are taught Human-centered Design, research methods, conducting usability and carrying out design evaluation, and techniques of making a design accessible. A lot of emphasis is given on carrying out user research and creating user interfaces that support their research findings. Students are expected to choose a real-world problem for their project during this part of the diploma and start working on it.


Students will be offered Internship opportunity at Userhub based on their academic performance during the course.


Students who have passed HSC/A-Levels or equivalent examination are eligible for enrollment.

  • Features of Diploma in User Experience Design may change with or without prior notice.
  • Starts
    February 8, 2020
  • Duration
  • Days
  • Time
    06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
  • Course Fee
    BDT 86000
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