Diploma in Graphic & Web Design

Our Diploma in Graphic Design prepares you for working on real-world design projects and building a career in Graphic Design. Starting from the basics, you will get a thorough understanding of the principles of design that will enable you to strategize and solve design issues. The course is divided into 2 semesters. The last two months of the course allows you to apply your learnings into real-world projects, making you ready for the industry.

1st Semester

Fine Art
Knowing how to draw is a big advantage in the Design industry. It helps you to quickly chalk out ideas and pitch it to your clients. It also helps you in creating your own illustrations. During the Fine art classes, you will be taught the fundamentals of drawing i.e. shapes and line drawing, the meaning of perspective and how to incorporate it into your drawings and understanding colour theory.
Digital Illustration
During this period, you will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You will learn how to use the different tools available to digitize your illustrations.
Brand Identity & Visual Design
Brand identity is how you represent your brand to your users. Your brand should reflect your ideologies as well as give the users a pleasurable experience. Understanding the principles of design is important for creating visually aesthetic designs.  In our diploma in Graphic Design, we will show you how to create a complete brand guideline based on the brand’s philosophy.

2nd Semester

Website Theme Design
Today, it is important that Graphic Designers are be able to design basic web layouts. We will show you how to design basic web layouts and themes. Through practice, you will be able to create aesthetic designs for the web.
Front-end Development
We will show you the core skills required for developing W3C compliant HTML5 & CSS based webpages with semantic structural elements. You will learn to develop HTML based interfaces that are responsive and consistent across all devices including desktop, mobile, tablets.
During the last two months of your diploma in Graphic Design, you will put your learnings to work, as you will have the opportunity to work with us on real-world design projects.

  • Features of Diploma in Graphic & Web Design may change with or without prior notice.
  • Starts
    March 15, 2019
  • Duration
  • Days
  • Time
    09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Fee
    BDT 60000
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