Certified Android Developer

Android Development Course

We have designed our Android Development Course to build your knowledge and skills in the fields mobile software application development and engineering. In order to build a successful career as an Android Developer, you have to have a sound knowledge in the subject matter. We will be starting from the basics of computer science fundamentals through data structure, algorithm, programming with C++ and Java help you develop a strong software engineering foundation from the very beginning.

Modern application development largely depends on RESTful Web services. In addition to core android development topics, you will also learn to handle JSON based data, PHP/MySQL. Our android certification course also includes HTML, CSS and Java Script so that you can work on HTML based multi-platform android application framework like Cordova.

At the end of every level module you have to sit for exams to evaluate your learning. The whole learning process is project based, and you will be asked to demonstrate your learning in real-world projects. After successful completion of your course, you will have the opportunity to enroll into android internship programs available at Userhub.

Android is the most dominant Operating System in the smartphone market with a share of 86.2% (Gartner, 2016: ). Currently there are about 2,600,000 android applications available in the Google Play Store ( 10,000+ jobs (United States) are available in LinkedIn alone for Android developers. Mobile technology and software development is at its highest peak today. So is the demand for android developers all across the globe. It is the perfect time to start building your career as an Android Developer.


Computer Fundamentals Introduction to Data Structure ( Part-1)
Introduction to Data Structure ( Part-2) Introduction to Algorithms ( Part-1)
Introduction to Algorithms ( Part-2) Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) ( Part-2)
Client-side technologies including HTML, CSS JavaScript
RESTful web services Server-side technologies emphasizing implementations in PHP
Database implementations in My SQL Working with MySQL
Android Application Development Programming with Java
Classes and Objects in Java Object Design and Programming with Java
Java Interfaces Java Collections API
Setting up Android Development Environment Application Structures
ListActivity and ListView Intents and Intent filters
Custom Views Dialogs and Toasts
Android User Interface (Options Menu, Context Menu, and WebView ) Android Storage (Network, File I/O, and SharedPreferences)
Android Storage: SQLite and Content Providers Android Notifications
Working with Sensor, Compass & Vibration Location and Maps
Working With Telephony Manager Threads
Network Communication Services
Graphics Animation
Introduction to Android Game Development (Part-1) Introduction to Android Game Development (Part-2)
Publishing Your App


This course is for both students and professionals.

  • Features of Certified Android Developer may change with or without prior notice.
  • Starts
    January 27, 2019
  • Duration
  • Days
    Sunday - Monday
  • Time
    3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Course Fee
    BDT 42000
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