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Salliv turns residential real estate upside down. This is why the name reads the word “villas” backwards. Villas are the king class of residential properties. Salliv is the king class of property investments.

While the administration is based in Wilmington, Delaware (USA), the asset management is done by a team of expert with experience in real estate investments since 1992. The portfolio managers are based e.g. in Germany, Turkey, Emirates, Russia and other countries. The project funding is using sources from the middle east, Russia, South America and Europe.

Investing in average property creates average returns. Building properties is the normal way of creating returns in real estate. Houses are usually build to remain.

But sometimes they are getting old even without losing their potential function. That results in underrated properties. Salliv is detecting underrated properties. Because they are simply cheaper than new constructions. And sometimes they have a specific flair and style, that a new building hardly can generate.

Salliv invests in outdated properties in order to bring them up to date with smart reforms and sell them.