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Non-profit Social Enterprise

Dnet is a not for profit social enterprise. It was established in 2001, with a vision for a society where information and knowledge facilitates all stake holders participation in generation of wealth and its equitable distribution for poverty alleviation. Dnet pioneered in research on using ICT as a primary means for alleviating poverty, empowerment through minimizing the digital divide and access to information, civic participation, capacity development and employment generation. These endeavors have helped us to transcend the national boundary and become visible in the global context. Dnet fosters fusion of social and technological innovations for improving the lives of marginalized people in Bangladesh.

Initiating activities in many areas of development, Dnet has consolidated its endeavors in healthcare, education, livelihood and social accountability. A number of initiatives launched by Dnet have been scaled up and replicated by the government and partner institutions, for example, Dnet Pallytathya Kendras are replicated by Bangladesh government in the form of Union Information Service Center (UISC) . Dnet has also invested in building new institutions with ideas initially nurtured within Dnet and has taken a pro-active role in building 4 institutions, who have successfully established their reputation in their working arena.