Certified User Interface Designer (CUID)

UI Design Certification Course

In this UI Design course you will learn how to design modern, intuitive, meaningful, effective user interfaces for desktop and mobile devices. Certified User Interface Designer (CUID) covers all important areas of user interface design, including, UI principles, techniques, technology, and tools which you can implement in real-life web projects.

Fine Art & Visual Design: The first two months of free hand drawing will help you to create your own drawing and sketches. Once you are able to do it, you can easily visualize how you want your product or application to look like. Learning about colour. colour contrast and colour theory will allow you to create designs that are minimalist, visually aesthetic and accessible to all.

Whether you are planning a career in UI Design, Web Design, Mobile Application Design, Theme Design, this course Certified User Interface Designer (CUID) is the course you need.


This course is for both students and professionals.
For professionals, people working as web designers, software engineers, graphic designers, visual designers, project managers, software testers are encouraged to apply.

Career Options

Web Designer, Front-end Designer, Mobile App Designer, User Interface Designer

  • Features of Certified User Interface Designer (CUID) may change with or without prior notice.

Certified User Interface Designer (CUID)

  • Starts
    October 7, 2017
  • Classes
  • Fee
    ‎BDT 28800
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  • Learn how to design modern, intuitive, meaningful, and effective user interfaces for desktop and mobile devices.

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