Certified Graphic & User Interface Designer

Graphic Design & UI Design Certification Course

Certified Graphic & UI Designer (CGUID) gives you the opportunity to build your knowledge and skills in the fields of Graphic Design, Visual Design, and User Interface Design at the same time. Graphic design and User Interface Design have been evolving since the birth of modern interactive design. When you have solid understanding of these both fields, you can create aesthetic digital products with meaningful interfaces.

In this design course, we put emphasis on Graphic Design, so that you have a strong understanding of design principles, and design theories which you can apply in your projects. Free-hand drawing teaches you to sketch down your ideas which you can later digitize. The course will also teach you the principles, techniques, technology, and tools which you will need to create User Interfaces in real-life projects.

Whether you want to improve your design skills or thinking of starting a career in interactive design, Certified Graphic & UI Design is the course you should enroll to.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the principles of design
  • Improve your drawing skills
  • Explore your creativity
  • Create visually appealing designs that have an aesthetic value to it
  • Create meaningful User Interfaces
  • Meet the users’ expectations
  • Learn to collaborate as a team



This course is for both students and professionals.

Career Options

Web Designer, Front-end Designer, Graphic Designer, Mobile App Designer, Mobile UI Designer, UI Designer, Visual Artist, Visual Designer

  • Features of Certified Graphic & User Interface Designer may change with or without prior notice.

Certified Graphic & User Interface Designer

  • Starts
    August 20, 2017
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  • Dual Certification course for building skills in Graphic Design and User Interface (UI) Design.

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